What is Google Analytics

Simple Meaning of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is such a free tool made by Google, with the help of which you can track the visitor activations happening in your website. For this you have to add the code of analytics to your website.

Google Analytics is a free tool of Google Marketing Platform, from which you can get complete information about the traffic coming to your blog website and your audience.

When a business understands its Customers and Customer Behavior, then they can grow their business in an even more successful way and Google Analytics helps you in all these tasks.

Simple Meaning of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool made by Google that comes under the Google Marketing Platform. In 2005, Google launched Google Analytics services in market, in which any website owner and blogger can add their blog and website for free and can see the data, stat and records of all the activities happening in their website.

In simple language, Google Analytics means a free tracking tool by which you can attach to your website and understand the activities, sources of traffic, location of visitors, real-time visitors and their behavior.

How Does Google Analytics Works?

When you create a free account in Google Analytics, then you have to register your website over there. All the details about the website have to be given.

After that from there you get the code of JavaScript which you have to add by going to the head section of your website.

Then as soon as visitors come to your website, this code will be activated and after collecting very important data from your website, the record and stat of all of them will come out and show you, so that you will be able to grow your website and business in a better way.

Use of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is very useful and to say that your blog and website come where you can see everything about your website such as:
  • You can check the performance of your website and blog
  • You can see differently how much traffic is coming to your blog and website from google, from forums and in social media.
  • How many people visit your website in real time and how much traffic comes to your website daily.
  • You can see which articles and pages people are reading more.
  • You can identify your audience and understand their behavior

What is Bounce Rate in google analytics?

Bounce Rate You must have heard this word many times? And also, that you should keep the bounce rate of your website very low?

So, let’s go and tell you what is the bounce rate and from where you can find out the bounce rate of your website and blog.

The meaning of Bounce Rate directly depends on the behavior of your website and blog visitors, which means that if any visitor came to any post or page of your website and he only read that post and did not go to any other post and neither if you spent more time in your website then here you got 100% bounce rate from that visitor.

Similarly, if 70 visitors out of total 100 visitors leave only after reading the same page on which they come, then you will get 70% bonus rate.

High bounce rate is not right for google and your SEO, this proves that user engagement is low in your blog and very useful information or relevant information is not being given in your website.

Due to which people are not visiting your website well and just reading the same page and leaving.

Google Analytics Required

Google analytics is the most popular analytics tool used in the web and we all need this tool to know the data, stats and reports inside our website.

If you also want to grow your website and blog, then you must also add your blog and website to google analytics.
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