Geo Targeting for Business Growth

Geo Targeting for Business Growth

Optimizing your website for conversion is crucial, regardless of the aim is eCommerce, newsletter registrations, advertising impressions, time-on-site or any other purpose.

The optimization process is data-driven, much like any scientific experiment. You modify and change then let the traffic to your site create data that breed insight, intelligence and ultimately a basis for making decisions that get you closer to your goals.
Most of the elements of a website or page are within our control: design, text, navigation, etc., but on the other side of the coin are the people that makeup what we so casually call “traffic”.

These people, as we well know, are not all the same. They differ in many aspects, from gender to age; from organic to paid; from 1024×768 to 320×480 and onwards. More significantly, though, people arrive at your site from across the world: from different countries and languages, different currencies and climates, and a whole assortment of cultural expectations. Hence, even if you have a “.com” English only site, you may very well be an international business by default.

How can you use your existing infrastructure and marketing efforts to cater to such a broad audience at once? How can you make sure that your traffic is getting the most relevant content leading to a conversion? The answer is Geo-Targeting, and Team Digital Expert will help you to implement all the things in the best effective manner.

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Geo Targeting

Increase Conversions with Geo Targeting. Digital Expert will help you for Complete Geo Targeting and Optimization work. Geo Targeting is active response to Geo-Location: Having identified the visitor’s location according to the IP, and/or WiFi / GPS data (=”geolocation”), content specific to that location is served (=”geotargeting”). This location can be a country, state, city and more.

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